Strawberry Tart

Is this really a recipe? I'm not sure it is, but the end result is delicious. You can easily make it from scratch, or get a similar result with ready made ingredients.

Firstly, you need a shortcrust pastry base. Put it into a flan tin, and prick the base then blind bake it until it just starts to colour.

Next, you need a custardy filling. We made creme patissiere but I don't see why you can't just use shop bought custard (ready made or from powder). Pour it into your pasty base.

Third, you need fruit. Strawberries go nicely here... slice in half and lay them on top. You can then glaze them with some apricot jam mixed with hot water.

If you fully bake the base up front then you could just chill it at this point. We hadn't, so we baked a bit more (but watch out for the fruit catching). End result is a fresh and tasty treat – who doesn't love strawberries, custard and pastry?

This article was updated on 27 July 2021