Thanks for visiting our little corner of the web. The Two Hungry Boys are more commonly known as Paul and Mark. We're a gay couple living in the North West of England.

We're both great lovers of food, and since we started living together many years ago we've always taken it it turns to cook the main meal of the day. Like many people, we often struggled to come up with ideas and found ourselves cooking the same things again and again.

The one day we decided to make it a bit competitive – try not to cook the same thing twice. Suddenly we found ourselves dusting off recipe books which had been stuck on the shelves and searching the web for new and interesting ideas. You can find most of the results on our Instagram page, but we're also trying to put some more detail of some of the things we cook on this website. We've not been great at keeping the site up to date over the years though, so apologies if it's a bit sparse or you see something on Instagram but can't find the recipe here!




This article was updated on 27 July 2021