Sage and Mushroom Gnocchi

Whenever I see a recipe in John Whaite’s Perfect Plates in 5 Ingredients, I struggle to reconcile the idea that so few ingredients will yield an impressive meal – but every single time we’ve used the book he’s proven me wrong and this meal is no exception.

So basically you cook some onions and mushrooms, then add some sage followed by some white wine (although we used vermouth) and reduce. Meanwhile you fry up some gnocchi – they go nice and crispy on the outside, it’s a technique Nigella uses to create a sort of mock roast potato.

When you’re done, throw it all together and serve. You can also fry some sage leaves and add them for a bit of extra crunch. It’s quite carb heavy this meal but it’s tasty and easy to throw together.

Lamb with Redcurrant and Mint plus Rapid Rostini

It’s been a bit of a frantic few days, and we had an evening where we needed to come home, eat fast and then go out again. If we didn’t manage that then we wouldn’t get chance to eat until later. It was a case of Kitchen to the rescue, since this recipe (well, two recipes really) takes next to no time.

The rapid rostini part is stupendously easy. Fry some gnocchi in a little garlic oil so they go crispy on the outside like little roast potatoes. They’re tasty too.

The lamb is simple enough to cook too – fry it in the pan, then take out and wrap in tin foil whilst you deglaze the pan with the juice of a clementine (we just used a regular orange) plus Worcestershire sauce, redcurrant jelly and red wine vinegar. Serve with some chopped mint over the top and a bit of salad on the side.

Quick to cook, and quick to eat as well.

Speedy Scalloppine with Rapid Rostini

This is a super fast dinner from Kitchen which needs hardly any ingredients at all. Rub the pork in flour, cayenne pepper and mixed spice and then fry it in a pan with some garlic oil. Once it’s ready just throw some lemon zest and juice in the pan to get up all the flavour and pour it over the pork.

Meanwhile you fry some gnocchi in another pan (also with garlic oil) and they go crispy on the outside like little fake roast potatoes. Nigella recommends serving this with salad, but we went with frozen peas. From Mark stepping through the front door to changing out of his work clothes was all the time needed to rustle up this tasty dinner.

Plus, we’ve still got some more of the Venetian Carrot cake for dessert…