Thai Green Fish Curry

This recipe comes from Nigel Slater’s The 30 Minute Cook, a book which has yielded many successful recipes – but I can’t recommend this particular dish.

I think the first mistake was my choice of fish – plaice – which just sort of dissolved into the sauce as it cooked. The end result felt like we were just eating sauce with nothing in it.

The other problem was the creamed coconut which gave the whole dish a really gritty feel. Maybe I used an inferior brand of creamed coconut (I’ve no frame of reference). Maybe it’s because I skipped the step to strain the liquid through a muslin cloth… but to be honest if you have to do that then this is getting away from the kind of convenience I expect from a 30 minute meal.

On top of all that, my sauce split. Sad face.

Sri Lankan Cauliflower and Butternut Squash Curry

We may have met Nigella today, but today’s dinner comes from Thrive on Five. It’s a big plate of vegetables with a nice helping of spice.

My ingredient photo is a bit short – I missed out a few things like turmeric, creamed coconut and vegetable stock, but you get the gist. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t all fit in the pan I was using but it did – just.

We served it up with some rice, plus a big dollop of yoghurt topped with cinnamon. There was a little bit more than we could manage, although we had used more butternut squash and cauliflower than we were supposed to simply because of the size of what we bought. It wasn’t the most authentic curry flavour we’ve made (Nigel Slater still wins I reckon) but it was very nice all the same. A very pleasant way to get our five a day.

Massaman Curry with Sweet Potato

Spurred on by the success of the ‘Shepherdless pie’, tonight we try a massaman curry.

A very easy recipe from Thrive on Five, vegetables are fried a short while in the massaman paste before being simmered in stock until cooked. What appears to be a very thin, watery and unsatisfying curry is then turned around in the last minutes with the addition of creamed coconut, sugar and lime juice.

This wasn’t like any massaman curry we’ve eaten in a restaurant. But as an easy, tasty weeknight meal it hit the spot.