Chicken Korma

We’ve not yet made anything from Diana Henry’s A Bird in the Hand which hasn’t been anything short of delicious. That said, we’ve tried lots of recipes for curries over the years and often find that there’s something missing… so we were curious to see what Diana’s recipe for chicken korma turned out like.

First thing you need to know here is that this recipe takes a long time. I think end to end I was probably in the kitchen for about 2 hours. This is because there are quite a few separate things you need to do, some of which take quite a lot of time. You have to salt some chopped onions and leave them to drain for 30 minutes; you also have to soak some saffron for a long time… none of it is especially hard, but there are just a lot of things keep track of.

You also have to use the food processor a few times – firstly you fry the onions and then you have to blitz them into a paste. Separately you have to soak some nuts in hot water and then blitz those into a separate paste. It’s certainly enough to keep you busy!

But as I said none of this is hard, and the end result is definitely worth it. Is it the most authentic tasting curry I’ve ever made? Hmmm… probably not, but it’s tough to say with a korma because it’s such a rich rather than spicy dish. It certainly tasted close to the real thing, and it certainly tasted delicious. Time consuming, but worth the effort.

Gingerbread Bites

A few days back I made Stir Fried Chicken with Basil which only used part of a can of coconut milk, and the rest of it had been sat in a tupperware tub in the fridge calling out for us to use it. I’d originally thought of making Nigella’s Spinach and Coconut Soup but my sweet tooth got the better of me.

This recipe comes from the Thug Kitchen website. I’d not heard of them until a recent trip to Saltaire where I saw their cookery book. Not the biggest fan of their style of writing, but this recipe really hit the spot.

Again it was a bit of a mess of conversion as I tried to turn US cup measurements into grams (especially when my digital scales kept getting stuck on fluid ounces…). Also, to my horror, halfway through baking I realised that “blackstrap molasses” are not the same as the granulated molasses I had in the cupboard, but I made a guess and the end result wasn’t bad at all.

Oh yes, and we had no mixed spice either so I had to improvise with some nutmeg and cloves. Mark’s not been complaining about the end product though.