About Us

Hi, and thanks for dropping by.

The Two Hungry Boys are Paul and Mark, pictured below. We are a couple chaps living together in Manchester in North West England, brought together by our love of food and cups of tea. We’ve been together for a long time and have always taken it in turns to cook. Over the years we’ve gradually migrated from the sort of food we cooked as students to “real” food.

It's that time of year when we participate in the #manchesterpride parade!

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The biggest change to our cooking came when I purchased a copy of Nigelissima and realised it was actually quite easy to cook really interesting meals without a) spending a fortune, b) generating vast amounts of washing up and c) having a cupboard of exotic ingredients you would only use once. Over time we collected more of Nigella Lawson’s cookery books and branched out into others.

We both work during the week, but believe it’s quite possible to come home every night and have a home cooked meal. We try and keep things reasonably healthy, but also believe that life is too short to count every last calorie.

Hopefully you’ll like some of the things we cook – we try and post a link to the source of the recipe for everything we make (and we also try not to plagiarise by restating the full recipe on here!).