Haddock in Anchovy & Tarragon Breadcrumbs

It’s not all that long since we had our posh fish finger sandwich from Booths, and this is a variation on that theme. Some nice pieces of haddock in breadcrumbs, but Nigel Slater’s Appetite provides the twist.

The breadcrumbs are made from panko (Nigel uses fresh bread, but we had panko in the cupboard) and is given some extra flavour in the form of tarragon and anchovies. Dip the fish in flour first, then beaten egg, and finally the breadcrumb mixture before frying in a pan.

The anchovy is the star here – it adds a really nice salty tang to the breadcrumbs and makes this much more interesting than everyday breaded fish. My one criticism would be that the anchovy is so flavoursome, the tarragon ends up being somewhat lost.

Mushy peas on the side because, why not?