The Ultimate Fish Finger Sandwiches

Growing up in the north west of England, I didn’t realise how unique Booths is. For those who don’t know, it’s a chain of supermarkets but they don’t spread much outside of Lancashire – they have a couple of outposts in Cheshire but that’s as far south as they go, and they go no further north than the Lake District.

But Booths is amazing… it’s a high quality supermarket with an emphasis on locally produced food. Think Waitrose (or Whole Foods for the Americans) but with a local twist. Regrettably we’re not close to any of their stores (there is only one in Manchester and it’s quite a way from us), but that doesn’t stop us looking at the recipes on their website and we decided to give this one for “the ultimate fish finger sandwiches” a go.

It’s incredibly easy to put this together. Cut some white fish into pieces and dip them in flour, followed by beaten egg, and finally a mixture of breadcrumbs made from bread, parsley and lemon zest. Fry them in a pan and then serve up on sandwiches assembled from thick cut white bread (buttered, obviously) with some watercress and sliced radish. Tartare sauce is optional, except in our house where it’s mandatory.

Not only did this look good, it tasted great too. Proper comfort food, but without the usual level of guilt!