Ojingeo Bokkeum (stir fried spicy squid)

We’ve been enjoying so many of the recipes from Our Korean Kitchen that we may need to book our next holiday in Seoul. This recipe required a bit of preparation, but the actual cooking process was incredibly quick. In fact, the thing which took longest was waiting for the rice to cook.


You make the marinade first and put it to one side, then cook the vegetables before adding the sauce and then the squid. The squid cooks in a matter of minutes – I was a bit paranoid about it being undercooked, but also worried about overcooking it and making it chewy. I think I did overcook it a little, but not enough to cause any upset!


Once again, the combination of gochugaru and gochujang make all the difference here. If you don’t have access to these, it would be pretty much impossible to replicate this dish (and several others from the book)… it’s really worth tracking down the real thing if you’re going to cook some recipes from this book.