Tofu and Miso Gratin

Continuing our Japanese theme with Kimiko Barber’s Cook Japanese at Home, we picked this recipe out to give our first major try at cooking tofu. It’s not a food that we’ve really ever had much of before – and my attempts at cooking it in the past haven’t been all that great or successful. It seems the trick is to make sure it’s properly drained before cooking so that it’s firmer… so let’s give it a go.

There’s a fairly long list of ingredients for this recipe, but it’s not actually all that hard to put together. You dust the chicken in flour and then fry it for a few minutes. Then the vegetables get added to the pan, chopped into bite sized chunks. Next you add the dashi stock (again, we used instant dashi for ease) and the mushrooms. After it’s simmered for a bit, add some miso paste and tofu and simmer it some more… then transfer the whole thing to a buttered gratin dish and sprinkle parmesan over it and bake it in the oven for a little under 15 minutes.

There’s lots of protein and vegetable in this, but not very much carb. As Kimiko suggests, we served it with some crusty bread which worked really nicely for mopping up all those umami juices. I expected this to be a really heavy meal but it wasn’t at all. I’m not saying that I’m 100% sold on tofu yet, but this was a really tasty and satisfying meal.