Niku Jaga

We’ve cooked Niku Jaga before but this recipe is from our latest book purchase – Kimiko Barber’s Cook Japanese at Home. That said, she also wrote the book the previous version came from…

We took the lazy route with this one, using dashinimoto to make some instant dashi stock, rather than making our own from konbu and bonito flakes. It didn’t seem to suffer for it.

I was actually a bit greedy with this meal. Mark is away, so the big slab of steak I bought ended up being consumed by me and me alone! Ribeye works really well in this, coming out really tasty and tender. The potatoes also dissolve a little into the sauce which makes it delicious and thick.

I enjoyed niku jaga last time I made it, and I enjoyed it even more so this time. Not sure if it’s because the recipe has been refined, or if I am getting better at following instructions, or if it was just a better piece of beef! Whatever, I’m one very content boy right now.