Shortbread Biscuits

We came back from our holiday to Japan with a little treat to ourselves – we always try and pick up a fridge magnet and tea towel from our travels, but we also found some cute little katakana stamps for biscuits. It’s basically an alphabet set so you can clip the letters you want into place and then stamp them onto what you’re making.

I decided to spell out “Hungry Boys” in katakana. An online tool told me it was ハングリ ボイズ, but I’ve since been informed (thank you, eiichinyc!)that it should be ハングリーボーイズ . Not too far off, anyway! Now we needed a biscuit recipe which would hold the imprints of the letters, so we turned to good old traditional shortbread.

The Guardian has a great article on how to make the best shortbread, and they favour adding some rice flour to the plain flour. However, it also mentions Sue Lawrence’s recipe using cornflour and I realised we actually had the book this recipe came from on our shelf – Sue Lawrence’s Book of Baking. We also had cornflour in the cupboard, so no trip to the shops was necessary.

The shortbread recipe is practically perfect – it produces some truly scrumptious biscuits. They also held the imprint of our stamp really well. We will be making many more batches of these, I believe!