Mackerel in Miso

We had a fantastic holiday in Tokyo last week and now that we’re back in the UK we are really missing Japan! So in no time at all we invested in a new cookery book – Kimiko Barber’s new title, Cook Japanese at Home, and tonight we gave it its first trial run.

Like a lot of Japanese recipes, there are some ingredients which may be unfamiliar at first. We already had konbu (seaweed for making stock) in the cupboard, but had to take a trip to the supermarket for miso paste and sake.

There’s quite a lot of prep for this one, but none of it is too strenuous – just leaving things to soak in water for half an hour or so. Also, it doesn’t really create anything tough to wash up so I was happy with that!

End result was nice with some authentic flavours, but didn’t really blow me away. That’s probably my inexperience as much as anything, but we’re going to be putting this book through its paces to get a real taste of Japan.