Casa Lucio’s Chicken with Garlic

Diana Henry describes this recipe as “more than the sum of its parts” and she’s right. We made it with skinless thighs rather than the bone on version she suggests, but it didn’t seem to suffer from that or the fact that we reduced the quantity substantially to feed just the two of us.

The chicken is fried in some oil first, then drained and set aside. Chopped garlic is then fried, and some sherry vinegar and sherry is added and brought to the boil. A pinch of saffron is optional, but we added it because we love the stuff.

The chicken then gets added back to the liquid and tossed around a bit until glossy. We then served it up with some new potatoes and peas.

The amazing thing for us with this recipe was how a small amount of garlic produced an amazing amount of flavour – Mark didn’t believe me when I told him there were only two cloves involved! If you’re interested in checking this one out, it’s in Diana’s book, A Bird in the Hand.