Bird Pie

We had enjoyed a roast chicken at the weekend and were left with a mountain of cooked chicken which needed to be put to good use. Following on from the strawberry tart, pastry was looking popular this week so we turned to Diana Henry’s A Bird in the Hand for a recipe for chicken pie.

Firstly I’ll confess – I was going to make some rough puff pastry, but couldn’t be bothered in the end. We had some frozen shortcrust in the freezer so I ended up using that instead – but it’s OK because Diana herself confessed on Instagram that she uses shop-bought too!

You make a sauce from butter and flour to begin, then add some capers, parsley and mustard (supposedly Dijon but we used wholegrain because that was what we had in). Separately you saute some leeks and add them, along with the chicken, some lemon juice and creme fraiche and heat the whole thing through.

Then it’s just a matter of assembly. Diana just did a pastry top, but Mark was hungry so we did a pastry base as well – no blind baking, just rolled it out into the pie tin and then added the filling followed by a lid (make sure to cut slits in the lid for steam to escape). Before popping it in the oven, I painted a bit of milk over the top.

This pie was, frankly, amazing. The flavour was out of this world; easily one of the best chicken pies I have ever eaten. This recipe is HUGELY recommended. 10/10. Five stars.