Lemon Meringue Pie

This recipe is a coming together of many different things. There’s the recipe for sweet shortcrust pastry which I picked up from John Whaite’s Kitchen. There was the tupperware box of egg whites in the freezer. And there was Mark’s desire for lemon meringue pie.

The only thing missing was a recipe for the filling and the meringue itself, and The Guardian has one of their wonderful “How to Make the Perfect…” articles for this.

As a whole the recipe is fairly simple and light on cooking, but there are three very distinct phases. First up, you have to make your pastry. John Whaite taught me a technique which involves creaming the butter and sugar together first which works really well. The pastry gets blind baked with some baking beads for about 20 minutes, and then a further 10 uncovered.

The lemon curd filling is made to the instructions on the Guardian website. Very quick, very easy and very lemony! Once done, pour it into your pastry case which should be out of the oven by this point and leave it to cool. Once it’s set, it’s really quite firm.

Finally, make the meringue topping – again, we followed the Guardian instructions for this. Apart from the physical effort of whisking, this bit is really simple too. Then it’s into the oven for about 15 minutes and you’re done.

The end result was, if I do say so myself, brilliant. Crisp pastry, super lemony filling and a fluffy topping… delicious. There was one mistake I made though which was to not let the lemon curd cool completely before adding the meringue topping. As a result, moisture formed between the two layers and the finished tart “wept” a little bit, but not enough to spoil it.