Quick Fish and Fennel Stew

This is another quick and fairly healthy meal from the Sainsbury’s Homemade By You website. The recipe is for four people, but we made a batch for two people by excluding the cod fillets (it already has salmon and prawns in) and cutting down on the volume of stock slightly.

It’s an easy recipe – fry the onion, garlic and fennel. Then add the liquid – tomatoes, stock and saffron which has been soaking in water. Finally add the fish and prawns and simmer for a bit. Served with some toast, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and rubbed with raw garlic.

The end result was… OK. It was pleasant enough, but the meal looked more interesting than it actually tasted. As we ate it, the flavour (such that there was) grew on me, but Mark wasn’t impressed and ended up leaving most of his.