Teriyaki Salmon Noodles

This week I’m cooking a few recipes from the Sainsbury’s Homemade by You website, and this teriyaki salmon recipe comes from there. It’s a vague attempt to try and eat a bit more healthily this week.

The ingredient list is fairly straight forward, but it does rely on a couple of “prepared” ingredients which are out of the ordinary for us – a specific teriyaki and ginger stir fry sauce, plus a pre-prepared pack of stir fried vegetables.

It’s very easy to make – the salmon is pan fried, and most of the time taken to cook was actually just waiting to make sure this was properly cooked through. You then boil up some noodles, stir fry the vegetables and bung it all together, flaking the salmon first.

It’s quick to serve and satisfying, but the portions looked a bit on the small side for us; we actually had the recipe for 4 people between the two of us.