Aubergine, Mushroom and Tomato Curry

Sometimes when you feel like you’ve overindulged, you need a big bowl full of healthy stuff to make you feel human again. This recipe from Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries ticked that box.

The first bit of work is to prepare a paste from the various aromatics and herbs. Cooking with shrimp paste was a new one for me – it’s smells very strong and you only need a small amount, but I was pleasantly surprised that in flavour it just gave a mellow base rather than being overpowering.

The paste then gets fried, and then the various vegetables get added. The whole thing finally simmers in some stock – we found it took quite a long time to reduce down to a reasonable consistency, much longer than the book suggested.

The curry this makes is very nice, but doesn’t have a very strong curry flavour. It’s more like a nicely spiced vegetable stew.