Banana and Cardamom Loaf

There were a pair of bananas gloating at me in the kitchen, slowly turning brown in the fruit bowl so rather than let them go to waste it seemed appropriate to try out a banana bread recipe from Nigella’s latest book, Simply Nigella.

I had to deviate from the recipe though because it calls for cacao nibs. There were only two places I could find selling these – a health food store where they were very expensive, or through the wonderful Bulk Powders website but they wouldn’t have arrived in time for when I wanted to cook this. So I took the easy option and went with dark chocolate chips instead.

The cardamom is an unusual addition but it works… I really need to invest in a proper mortar and pestle though because grinding them using a rolling pin in a bowl wasn’t the most efficient method.

End result was a success – I know this because Mark wanted a second slice!