Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

Weird title, right? This one was inspired by my co-workers who were talking about an article they’d read in the Metro about using mayonnaise to create a chocolate cake. That article in turn linked to a piece on which had an actual mayonnaise chocolate cake recipe and, well, curiosity got the better of me!

After converting the weird American volume units (cups? yuck!) into lovely metric weights I got cracking. Because you use mayonnaise instead of butter, it’s very easy to mix – no butter to beat in. But it’s a very odd recipe… it calls for a huge quantity of water to be added and the mixture was already very runny so I decided to deviate and use less than half the specified amount.

Another weird feature was that the recipe told you how to make two sponges but made no recommendations for what to ice the thing with, so I just went for a simple buttercream of icing sugar, salted butter and cocoa powder.

The last thing I found odd was the quantities. It uses a lot of cocoa powder, which is naturally quite bitter. To compensate it then uses a huge amount of sugar… a slice of this cake is nearly your entire day’s allowance of sugar!

The resulting cake is, admittedly, pretty good though! I wouldn’t say it was out of this world, but it’s a very nice, very chocolatey cake with a close but moist crumb. Don’t be put off by the idea of mayonnaise, it works really well here and nobody would ever even realise that you had used it!