Creamy Pasta with Sausagemeat

It’s been bitterly cold today, so there was a desire for something warming and comforting. There’s a creamy pasta recipe to be found in Nigel Slater’s Appetite which is basically just pasta, cream, thyme and roast garlic. One of the variations recommended is to take the skin off some sausages, break up the sausage meat and fry it, and then mix that in too so that’s what I decided to do.

Roasting the garlic was fiddly and messy and didn’t work as well as I had hoped. As a result the end dish wasn’t as garlicky as I would have liked. The sausage meat worked well though, ending up a little like mince but not as dry.

The meal was really tasty, but a bit of a calorie overload. The remainder of the evening has been spent recovering with a headache!