Fruit Scones

The fruit cake I made a couple of weekends ago seemed to last forever, but sweet supplies were running low today and when I asked Mark what he wanted me to make, he said scones.

Despite their simplicity, I’ve never made scones before. I went for a rummage through our recipe books and turned up two recipes – Nigella Lawson has a recipe in How To Be A Domestic Goddess but I was put off it because it needed a few ingredients (namely Trex and cream of tartar) which we didn’t have in the house. On the other hand, Delia Smith has a scone recipe in Delia’s Cakes which is incredibly simple. Butter, flour, a little caster sugar, milk, and an egg. Other than some dried fruit (we had sultanas in the cupboard), that’s it.

It’s actually like making pastry – rub the butter and salt together to make breadcrumbs and then add the dried fruit before combining with beaten egg and a few tablespoons of milk. Roll it out, cut out some discs and then make a few more from the remainder. These only take 12–15 minutes in the oven, so you’ve got a fresh batch of scones before you realise it.

The resulting scones aren’t spectacular but they’re lovely and light and a real treat. Delia recommends eating them when they’re fresh – an instruction which we decided to follow to the letter.