Crunchy Chicken Cutlets

It’s been a while since we cooked anything from Simply Nigella, and whilst searching the books for something quick and easy this one jumped out at me – if only for the somewhat unusual use of cornflakes!

The recipe is pretty simple, although a little on the messy side to make. In one bowl you mix dijon mustard, cinnamon, an egg and some minced garlic. In a second bowl you mix roughly crushed cornflakes with paprika. Then you coat a chicken cutlet in the mustard mix, roll it in the cornflakes and then fry for a few minutes on each side.

Nigella says three minutes on each side, but I found I had to leave them for longer to ensure the chicken was cooked through. I bought chicken breasts instead of cutlets, so I probably wasn’t aggressive enough bashing them flat with a rolling pin (between two sheets of cling film to avoid spreading salmonella all over the house!).

Nigella suggests a rocket and cherry tomato salad which we went with, but in need of some carbs I also dolloped a pile of mashed potato on the side. Not in keeping with the rest of the meal, but comforting and satisfying.

This is a really tasty chicken dish… I was worried the mustard would be overwhelming but it really isn’t. The end result is a really tasty chicken dish and would probably work well whatever you served it with.