Vegetable Pie

My saga of Nigel Slater “Appetite” recipes continues this week with another major source of calories – his vegetable pie. You could convince yourself you’re eating healthily with all the vegetables, but the puff pastry counteracts all that.

The list of ingredients is deceptively simple. Saute some onions in a pan for about 20 minutes, then add some mushrooms. Once they’re cooked add some creme fraiche and herbs plus a bit of salt and pepper and let the whole thing reduce so it is, as Nigel says, “creamy, not runny”.

You then use shop bought puff pastry to make it into a pie. Cut a prerolled sheet in half and put your topping on it, then stick the other half over the top. Make sure you do this on the baking tray – you’ll never be able to transfer it otherwise! Also make sure you seal it up properly – the warm filling will want to break through the pastry.

Despite making a mess of assembling the meal and getting it into the oven, end result was really nice. It’s actually really similar to the pithivier that Mark made to an Ottolenghi recipe some time back. If it wasn’t for the massive calorie count, I’d recommend it as a regular meal.