Slow Cooked Sticky Lamb and Vegetables

More Nigel Slater inspired food for a Sunday afternoon. This is one which takes a while to cook, but is well worth.

In short, you brown the meat (Nigel uses oxtail but we used some cuts of lamb on the bone) then add some celery, onion and carrot chopped into biggish chunks. Before browning the meat, toss it in a mixture of flour, mustard powder and cayenne pepper.

Next add the best part of a bottle of wine and some herbs, stick a cover over and leave in the oven for 2 hours. We also added some orange peel on Nigel’s suggestion.

End result is as you’d expect – the wine reduces to a sweet and flavoursome sauce and the meat is so soft it falls off the bone. Delicious and obviously goes well with buttery mashed potatoes to mop up the juices!