Fish Pie

We’ve made fish pie before, but the last time was a recipe with mushrooms from How to Eat… this time it’s a recipe from Appetite by Nigel Slater. As ever from that book, it’s a rough guide to a basic fish pie with suggestions on how to customise it.

Nigel’s recipe is quite involved though, with mussels being cooked in wine and lots of transferring various liquids between pans so I went for a much simpler variation. I poached some fish in milk with a couple of bay leaves and put some potatoes on to boil for the mash. Then I melted some butter and added some plain flour and cooked the mixture for 5 or ten minutes in a pan before mixing in a glass of white wine. I then added the poaching liquid to the mixture, cooked a little bit longer and seasoned. The fish was then added back into the sauce and poured into a dish (well, silicon cake tray actually!) and then topped with mashed potatoes. About half an hour in the oven and it was done. Pretty damn tasty!