Chicken and Fennel Orzo

This one is a variation on a Simply Nigella recipe. The main recipe uses squid, but Sparky wasn’t too keen on that so we went with a suggestion from Alan Joseph who follows us on Instagram and substituted the squid for chicken.

I was a bit caught out with this recipe because it takes a long time to cook, but because I was just doing it for the two of us I managed to get away with a total prep and cooking time of about an hour. I didn’t have an ouzo to add either, so the flavours were maybe not quite as strong as they could have been.

End result was pretty nice, but didn’t blow us away. It was supposed to have some dill on top too, but when I opened the pack from Tesco it was in horrible condition (despite being well in date and bought the same day). An OK meal. In other news, burnt on orzo is a bugger to clean off a casserole dish.