The Tenderest Chicken

Another Nigella recipe tonight, coming from How to Eat. It’s one which requires a bit of prep though, since the chicken needs at least eight hours to sit in its marinade – we left ours for nearly 24 hours because it was in the cold, dark fridge.

The chicken is to sit in a mix of buttermilk, dijon mustard and soy sauce with a grating of garlic. Unfortunately our online shopping failed us and no buttermilk was delivered so we followed the tips on Nigella’s website for substitutes and used a 50:50 mixture of Greek yoghurt and whole milk.

The recommended accompaniment is “garlic potatoes” which I did (dice some potatoes, roll in garlic olive oil and roast) but was a bit disappointed that the end result wasn’t more garlicky. The chicken gets wiped clear of its marinade and then covered in a mix of olive oil and pepper before roasting in the oven. The buttermilk is supposed to keep it nice and moist and it seemed to do the job… but I’m not quite sure the recipe title is accurate. There must be chicken somewhere that is more tender?

On the side we had our usual favourite, broccoli pan fried with oyster sauce. We also followed this main with a big bowl of health (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and banana) and not-so healthy cream.