Thai Green Vegetable Curry

It’s been a cold weekend here in the UK with our first substantial snowfall of the season overnight. We took a trip into town and were cold to the core when we got back so a spicy dinner seemed an appropriate way to get back to room temperature.

We’ve made curries from Nigel Slater’s recipes before with great success – I love his recipe for a quick korma, and we’ve followed his instructions for curry pastes before and they’ve been great. This time around we were following the guide he lays out in

We made the curry paste to his instructions (which are basically “put it all in a food processor and blitz it”), then fried the mushrooms, aubergine and squash. We added the paste to the vegetables and fried some more before adding chicken stock and coconut milk and left it to simmer for a bit.

End result was nice, but not as hot as I would have liked and perhaps a little bit, dare I say it, bland. On the plus side we made enough curry paste for another meal so I suspect that we’ll be making a chicken version of the same recipe before too long.