Mackerel in Breadcrumbs

Sticking to the Nigel Slater theme, this is another recipe from The Kitchen Diaries. Whilst I love smoked mackerel, I tend to avoid it fresh because I’ve had bad experiences in the past where my meal has been mouthful after mouthful of bones. Fortunately these fillets we purchased had been thoroughly de-boned! We were supposed to use fresh breadcrumbs but with no fresh bread in the house I ended up using an opened bag of panic breadcrumbs which was sat in the cupboard.

Like many Nigel Slater recipes, I couldn’t get inspired from reading it. The list of ingredients seemed too scant to offer anything tasty. And, like most Nigel Slater recipes, I was completely wrong and this was an amazing meal! The fish was tender, the onion and paprika breadcrumb mix complementing it beautifully. We had new potatoes to accompany it, plus another favourite recipe from Nigel – broccoli fried in oyster sauce. If you’ve not tried broccoli done like this, you must give it a go – it transforms a fairly dull and oft-hated vegetable into an absolute treat you could eat by the bowlful. If you haven’t got oyster sauce, a mix of soy sauce and rice wine works as well.