Luxurious Chicken and Noodles

It’s been quite a while since we cooked anything from Nigel Slater – probably because we’ve been completely enamoured with Nigella since the launch of her new book. Tonight we went back to Nigel’s Appetite though – in particular his recipe for a luxurious and spicy noodle dish.

Like most recipes in appetite, there’s an element of ‘make it up as you go along’ and we were well ahead of him on this one since we’d switched the seafood for chicken. I also decided to make the spice paste by hand with lots of grating and chopping to avoid washing up the food processor. It was only after I’d gone through the hassle of this that I saw his comment “don’t even think of doing this without a food processor”. Oh well!

Quantities were also a bit all over the place – technically I should have used 200ml of coconut milk but since the tins come in double that volume, I used twice as much as I should. It was similar with spices – the quantities didn’t quite halve neatly so the end result was inspired by Nigel, rather than slavishly following the recipe.

End result was very nice though. Wetter than expected due to all that coconut milk, but a pleasant heat (I could have been bolder with the chillies) and a nice flavour.