Spiced Lamb Stew with a Cobbler Topping

I made hard work for myself on Sunday. I decided to make this and (as you’ll see in the next post) a cake. But what I hadn’t realised was that both recipes were really in two parts… so it was like making four different things in one day.

This recipe comes from Simply Nigella and is listed as two recipes, one after another. First comes the stew which after some prep takes a few hours in the oven, then comes the cobbler.

I dropped some ingredients from the cobbler to keep things simple but had a few issues with quantities. The recipe in the book is for eight, so not everything divided down neatly for the two of us. But I managed to make it work and got everything looking reasonable.

The end result was really nice – the star anise and cinnamon give this a warming feeling, but the aniseed was very subtle and not overpowering as I had feared. The dish was a bit drier than I think it should have been, and the cobbler didn’t go as golden as I wanted but it still tasted very nice.