Aubergine Moussaka

This recipe isn’t moussaka as you probably know it. Rather than the Greek “kinda like lasagne but with aubergine instead of pasta”, this is more like an aubergine stew. Apparently it’s a Lebanese dish, but all I know if that it comes from How To Eat.

The main recipe uses baby aubergines, but I just used a couple of regular ones. The quantities weren’t quite right – I halved pretty much everything but ended up using about the full amount of aubergine. That’s one of the problems in How to Eat – it’s not always clear how many people the dish is supposed to serve.

End result was really tasty. Apparently the pomegranate molasses are optional, but the meal definitely benefits from them and I can’t imagine it would be as nice without. I sent Mark out in the pouring rain to get some fresh bread to go with this and he came back with an nice freshly baked bit of sourdough which went down nicely with this.