Thai Turkey Meatballs

Another recipe from Simply Nigella today. I felt like this one deviated from her traditional style, seeming to take quite a bit more effort than others I’m used to.

I had to make a few substitutions along the way. The biggest of these was that instead of sugar snap peas I used a mix of broccoli, asparagus and sugar snaps. Why? Because we had a substitution in the online shopping! I also forgot to add the salt to the meatballs. And I also screwed up following instructions which meant that this had ribbons of courgette in rather than chopped up pieces.

One final mix up – I halved the ingredients for the two of us, but because a 400g tin of coconut milk doesn’t halve nicely I made the full amount of liquid, making this a bit wetter than it should have been.

This one seems a lot of hassle though with lots of grating and mixing – but maybe that was just me being a bit clumsy. The end result was really good though – it got a thumbs up from official food taster Mark. Nice and spicy for a cold winter’s evening.