Chicken and Wild Rice

Mark is late home tonight, so I needed a dinner I could make and keep warm in the oven. This one from Simply Nigella seemed to fit the bill.

This recipe is for six people, but there are only two of us… but we do have big appetites. So things got scaled back a bit, but not enormously… I’d say I probably ended up making enough for four and then eating half of it myself. And I even had a slice of honey pie for dessert.

I couldn’t find wild rice in the store, so I had to make do with a mix of wild and basmati. Nigella says the wild doesn’t soak up as much liquid so I think the end result here was a bit drier than it should have been. Also the crunch of the coriander seeds came as a bit of a surprise when eating but, long story short, it’s delicious. Highly recommended. Let’s just hope Mark likes it when he finally gets home.