Honey Pie

Nigella has a neat little description of this dish in Simply Nigella – it’s technically a tart, but since it’s American you can use their name and call it a pie… but in reality, it’s just impossible to miss out on the opportunity to have a dish called “honey pie”.

Quite a lot of ingredients go into this but it’s surprisingly easy to make. The pastry comes first and it’s a ridiculously easy recipe – making it with olive oil makes it very easy to mix. You then put the pastry into the pie dish and leave it in the freezer for at least an hour.

The next bit is easy too – melt the butter and mix the other items into one after another. Then, when the pastry is frozen pour the contents of the pan into the pastry dish and pop in the oven for a little under an hour, turning half way through.

I was a bit concerned that it wasn’t cooking properly so I left it in the oven for a bit longer than recommended. The end result was a very dark top, but it hasn’t harmed the flavour. The pie has a very caramel like flavour, which may be a result of this dark top?

At any rate, this pie is amazing. Rich and sweet, plus the salty pastry and salt scattered over the top makes a really nice contrast to the sweetness. This, without a doubt, is my favourite dish from Simply Nigella so far!