Smoked Cod and Cannellini Beans

Something super fast and easy for a Monday night, or at least that was the thinking. It was also an opportunity to use up a few bits and bobs from the fridge like an old bit of celery.

After cooking a meal from Nigella Express I realised I was a bit surprised that the total number of recipes we’ve cooked from that book since starting the website was actually quite low, so I started looking for recipes from the first chapter and that’s where this one comes from.

The whole thing is pretty simple from start to finish. Poach the fish with various herbs and spices, then take it out and cook the beans in the liquid. Mix it all up, add some herbs and serve. We also added some in-store bakery bread on the side for mopping up duty.

My overall impression was… meh. I thought it was a bit bland and boring, and in fact I didn’t even finish the whole thing. Sparky loved it though. It was a good job we had some cookies in for dessert so that I didn’t go hungry.