Spanish Omelette

We’ve had quite a few recipes from Simply Nigella over the last couple of weeks, but this one comes from one of her much earlier books – Nigella Express – and it’s one I used to cook quite regularly but haven’t made in quite some time.

It’s a really tasty one this one – first cook the potatoes, and then add to a mixture of eggs, chopped spring onions, chargrilled peppers and cheddar cheese.

It gets cooked in the pan over the hob first,and once it’s cooked on one side you transfer it to the grill and cook the other. I always have a problem though and it never seems to cook all the way through, so I end up cutting it in half and popping it under the hob for a few more minutes.

Technically I believe this is supposed to be a lunch for four, but it makes a satisfying supper for two – especially for bonfire night.