Slow Cooked Moroccan Chicken Stew

Another Simply Nigella meal today – and because it’s Sunday we can invest the time necessary for one of the slow cooked recipes from the “Breathe” chapter. Slow cooked is a relative term though… this recipe would take 4 hours in a slow cooker, but Nigella provides an alternative method using an oven for each of the recipes in this chapter and this one only takes an hour that way.

The method couldn’t be easier. First cook the onions a little in the casserole dish. Then put everything else in with them, bring to the boil and transfer to the oven. Bake for an hour and you’re done! We also did some rice on the side for an extra fix of carbs.

Technically this recipe is for six; we halved the quantities but ended up using the full amount of chicken stock to ensure there was enough liquid for everything to steep in. This resulted in more liquid than was ideal but it wasn’t enough to ruin things – it just made dishing up a bit tricky. The flavours work really well though – highly recommended.