Apricot Almond Cake with Rosewater and Cardamom

We’d polished off the matcha cake from Simply Nigella and with a day off work, I couldn’t resist making another cake. This cake comes from the same book, but you can also find the recipe on Nigella’s website.

Despite the slightly esoteric list of ingredients, it’s actually remarkably easy to make – I hadn’t even given the oven enough time to warm up completely. There are strong parallels between this and the clementine cake we made a few weeks ago, since it involves lots of eggs and begins with boiling some fruit – but boiling dried apricots for 10 minutes is a lot less tedious than boiling clementines for two hours!

The end result is very nice indeed. A dense but light cake with an unusual but beautiful set of flavours. Neither the apricot, the cardamom or the rosewater dominates but the end result is lovely.