Spiced and Fried Haddock with Broccoli Purée

Continuing this week’s Simply Nigella theme, tonight it’s another recipe. Given all the bad press which processed red meat has been getting, it’s probably a good thing that we’re having fish for dinner too.

I had to double check the ingredients for this a few times – although the recipe is for two people, it calls for 500g of frozen broccoli (that’s nearly 18oz) which seemed a huge amount. However, when you cook it and blitz it into puree, the volume reduces dramatically. The end result is that you eat a hell of a lot of vegetables without really realising it.

We made a couple of substitutions – no coconut oil for the puree, so we used butter instead. And in the absence of gluten free flour we just used the plain stuff. I must admit, I didn’t think that the ginger and paprika in the seasoning were all that noticeable, but the end result was a nice bit of fish and an interesting variation on mushy peas / cooked broccoli.