Matcha Cake with Pomegranate Icing

Dessert tonight also comes from Simply Nigella. We’ve had a stash of matcha tea sat in the cupboard from our last trip to Paris so this was a great opportunity to put it to an unusual use.

The cake is a chiffon cake – separating egg whites and yolks, which means lots of folding in but should result in a lighter cake. I think I overdid it and knocked a fair bit of the air out of mine; the end result looks a bit flatter than the pictures in the book. Also I couldn’t track down any cherry juice so, as suggested in the book, I went with pomegranate juice instead to get the same pink colour in my icing.

End result is a very nice but slightly unusual cake. You can definitely taste the matcha; it’s a tea like flavour but a bit more fresh and bitter. The sweetness of the icing offsets it beautifully though. Taste aside though, it’s a very visually striking cake.

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