Sri Lankan Cauliflower and Butternut Squash Curry

We may have met Nigella today, but today’s dinner comes from Thrive on Five. It’s a big plate of vegetables with a nice helping of spice.

My ingredient photo is a bit short – I missed out a few things like turmeric, creamed coconut and vegetable stock, but you get the gist. I was a bit worried it wouldn’t all fit in the pan I was using but it did – just.

We served it up with some rice, plus a big dollop of yoghurt topped with cinnamon. There was a little bit more than we could manage, although we had used more butternut squash and cauliflower than we were supposed to simply because of the size of what we bought. It wasn’t the most authentic curry flavour we’ve made (Nigel Slater still wins I reckon) but it was very nice all the same. A very pleasant way to get our five a day.