Cranberry and Walnut Chocolate Brownies

This one comes from a book we’ve not used in a while – Paul Hollywood’s How to Bake.

The recipe is very easy to follow, as long as you can resist eating the enormous block of Bourneville chocolate which is involved. Not sure how Americans would make this without ready access to Cadbury’s classic chocolate bar?

Unfortunately, something went wrong. Despite following the cooking guidelines, the end result was too soft in the middle. We tried it in the oven for longer but the edges started to dry out and burn but the middle was still too gooey. I suspect the problem was that I used large eggs instead of medium eggs – in hindsight I should have cooked it for longer at a slightly lower temperature, and perhaps covered it with foil.

All that said, the brownie which was salvageable was damn good and is rapidly disappearing from the kitchen.