Beef Stew with Anchovies and Thyme

We’ve been enjoying the delights of some slow cooked meals on and off over the last few, so we decided to give this one a try from Nigella’s How To Eat. There’s a slightly tweaked version of the recipe on her website, and that’s the one we went with.

The joy of this is that you can take some fatty stewing steak which would be tough and gristly under most circumstances and transform it into something mouthwateringly tender and succulent over the course of the three hours this spends in the oven.

It’s super easy to make, throwing the onion, garlic, carrots and garlic in a pot to soften and then the steak cut into pieces. You then throw in the thyme, anchovies, and pour over some wine, some marsala, some tomato puree and some beef stock. Slam it in the oven with a lid on and wait whilst the house gradually starts to smell amazing. Don’t fret about the anchovies – there’s no fishy flavour at the end.

Were it not for the time involved, this would be one of the easiest recipes we’ve ever made. This is the kind of thing you could serve up to dinner guests and they’d think you were the world’s greatest chef.