Polenta Lasagne

I can’t remember the official name for this one – it’s not polenta lasagne, but that basically describes what this meal is. What it doesn’t describe is the faff involved making it. This is another one from Anna Del Conte’s Gastronomy of Italy.

So why the faff? Well, you have to make polenta and the described method takes 40 minutes. Then you pour it out into a layer and leave to cool and set. Meanwhile you have to cook various bits and bobs on the hob and leave them simmering for two hours. Finally, you slice the polenta and assemble layers of polenta and meat mixture before baking in the oven for another 30 minutes. The instructions in the book were a bit off as well – for example, advising you to warm the oven 2 hours before you’d actually need to use it.

To add insult to injury, I used fine instead of coarse polenta by mistake. Coarse polenta doesn’t flow as easily, meaning it tends to create clumps… not ideal, but I managed to beat most of them out during the 40 minutes of stirring over a low heat.

End result was nice, but hardly amazing. Polenta lasagne pretty much sums it up.