Chocolate, Hazelnut and Orange Cake

Cake time once again! There’s a recipe in Nigel Slater’s Appetite for a chocolate cake which I decided to try. It includes coffee though, and Mark’s not a fan of coffee cakes so we left it out.

Apparently Nigel only added the coffee instead of milk… but I forgot to swap any milk back in. I also grated in the zest of an orange (one of Nigel’s suggested variations). The recipe all calls for grating the chocolate – a tedious task if ever there was one.

End result was worth it though. A big, nutty, dense cake – a little on the dry side (possibly because of the lack of milk) but actually it gave the cake a bit of character, making it seem more substantial than you’re typical sponge. Hazelnuts worked well, but ground almonds would have probably worked too. The orange was almost lost, but actually became more prominent after a day or two. Beyond that… well, there was no cake left by then…