Niku Jaga

Ever since we learnt how to make genuine dashi stock (watch our video here) we’ve been keen to use it whenever possible. This time I couldn’t find any bonito flakes but I did find some hondashi granules which seem to be the next best thing.

So we par boil some potatoes, then throw them in dashi stock with some onions and sugar and simmer some more. Next some rice wine and soy sauce, and finally some sliced beef and mange tout.

It takes a little while, but it’s not a tough recipe – you can find it in YO Sushi: The Japanese Cookbook – the only issue I had was getting the right depth of pan. Because the volume of stock isn’t great, if the pan’s too wide you’ll struggle to simmer everything in it.

The end result is a tasty broth with fluffy potatoes and tender meat – not sure my version was authentically Japanese but we enjoyed it all the same.