Yoghurt Pot Cake

We wanted something sweet but with the supermarket shop not coming for another day, it needed to be something which relied on store cupboard staples and what the corner shop could provide. I remembered that we had some yoghurt sat unused and then I remembered that Nigellissima featured a recipe for “yoghurt pot cake” where the yoghurt is not just an ingredient, but its pot is the measuring device.

Our yoghurt was in a great big pot though, so we had to do things the usual way and weigh everything out. There are three eggs in this which you separate – the whites get whisked to firm peaks, and that’s the only raising agent in the cake.

The yolks get mixed with the yoghurt, sugar, vegetable oil (we used olive oil), vanilla, flour, corn flour and lemon zest. Once it’s all mixed, you fold the eggs whites in. I was very wary of overmixing this and losing all the air, so I knowingly left a few clumps of egg white which I regretted, but fortunately it’s unnoticeable in the finished cake.

The end cake is an unusual texture – quite close, whilst remaining very light. You’re supposed to make this in a ring mould, but we found a springform tin worked very well.